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Before you begin, make sure your keyboard is hooked up.
Then get ready to save some pigs!

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Sign language typing game for everybody and all ages. Learn the alphabet in sign language and practice your typing skills while trying to save the pigs from a warm summer day bath.

The crowd will cheer you on as the pigs pick up speed toward the full barrel of water. Keep the pigs from getting clean! Pigs don't like a bath, but pigs don't know pigs stink!


  1. Choose a "MODE": Signs or Characters. Practice your typing skills with either the alphabet in sign language, or written characters.
  2. Set your "MAX SPEED".
    • "0 to 3" Zero to Three - recommended for young kids.
    • "4 to 7" Four to Seven - if you want to look cool in front of your friends.
    • "8 to 10" Eight to Ten - if you want to get embarrassed.
  3. Set number of "STRIKES". Just like playing baseball.
  4. Crack your knuckles and get ready to rock! Press START!!!


  • Width of device 1024px or Greater. For example: Desktop, Laptop, and iPad (in landscape view).
  • Keyboard. This is a typing game, so don't be lazy! Bust out your keyboard for some fast pig-time action!


  • Why is the animation so choppy? It could be that your computer or touchpad is too slow. The animation starts to get choppy on slower computers/devices. Try the "Still" version of the game, it's a non-animated version of the game and recommended for slower computers/devices.
  • How do I turn off the music? Music and all sound effects can be toggled by clicking on the sound edit button in the uppper-left corner on the game.

Study Guide:

Coming Soon!